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Learn How to Live Stream to Serve Your Clients Online

Read on to learn how to build an online community and deliver your content online.

Lesson 1: Prepare Your Client List

Let's keep things really simple to start.  Find your list of clients.  These records are likely stored in your business software or some home-grown solution.  Every business will be different so I can't really give you much instruction here.  Just go to wherever you have your client information stored and look for an option to export.  Almost always one of the options is "export as CSV file".  Select that option and export your list into a CSV.

You will want to upload this list into an easy online system to have an automated email and text message go out which will let them know that you're moving classes from physical to online platform like a Facebook Group so you can build a community for your paying members and allow them to continue to get value from you.  We will cover how to do this later.

Lesson 2: Create Facebook Business Page

Key Points

  • Use your personal Facebook account to create a Business page
  • Maintain your business brand identify by uploading images for profile and cover art

Optimal Image Sizes

  • Profile Image: 360x360px .jpg or png file
  • Cover Image: 828 x 465 .jpg or .png file

Lesson 3: Create a Private Facebook Group

After your group is created you can click "Moderate Group" to set rules and settings.  I recommend you add two or three qualifying questions when someone requests to join the group.  In addition to their and email you might want to ask them useful questions like "what type of content/training would you be most interested in?" etc.  You may want to pay attention to other sections under Moderate Group such as Member Requests and Create Rules.  Play around with it and don't be afraid to push buttons and get familiar with it.  You won't break it 😉

Optimal Image Size

  • Cover Image: 1640 x 856 px  .jpg or .png file

Lesson 4: Create a Content Delivery Schedule

Key Points

  • How often will you want to deliver video classes?
  • Offer at least 1 free class live-streamed on the page instead of the private group (invite them to join at the end)
  • ​Offer additional "members-only" content in the private group.  The key is to keep adding value!
  • Get your members involved so it feels like a true community
  • ​Create a pinned post at the top with your schedule of classes
  • ​Keep it simple
  • ​Be creative

Lesson 5: Create Facebook Events

Key Points

  • Create an event for each unique class you will present online
  • ​Make sure to set it up as a recurring class based on the weekly schedule you will use

Lesson 6: Automate Customer Outreach

Key Points

  • Customer outreach is critical.  You can do it all manually, but I highly recommend you automate your outreach
  • ​Start with email as bare minimum.  Add texting if at all possible
  • ​Invite your customers to join the private Facebook group
  • ​Send reminders before each class or training
  • ​High Level is an excellent tool for this.  It is what I used in the video.  It is not free but they do have a free trial  [LINK]

Lesson 7: Prepare for Video Broadcast

Key Points

  • Set up Facebook live - this is easiest option for you and your clients
  • ​Use your smartphone to record.  You do not need higher quality than that for now
  • ​Get a decent clip-on wireless microphone [LINK]
  • ​Get a decent tripod [LINK]
  • ​Make sure you have adequate lighting [LINK] (includes tripod)
  • ​Set up a monitor so you can see group screen and interact
  • ​If possible have someone on your team available to answer questions in the chat during training
  • ​As a backup plan you can always use a laptop with built-in webcam to record

Lesson 8: Livestream Your Video Training

Facebook Live from Computer

Note: I couldn't figure out how to record my phone screen while talking to you with good quality so I'm linking you to this fine video which Hubspot produced:

Facebook Live from Phone

Key Points

  • You can record from your phone or your computer (with webcam)
  • ​Don't forget to include a "call to action" at the end of the training.  If it's a free class invite them to join the paid group.  If it's a member training remind them of when the next class is

Lesson 9: Set Up Online Payment

Lesson 10: Continue to Publish Content and Curate Your Group

You should make it a habit to continue to post both live video and other types of content to your private group and public page frequently.  Encourage your community to share with each other and encourage one another.

Optional Alternative to "DIY"

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